Pharm2Table Summit 2015

How often do we hear that pharmacists, especially community pharmacists, “don’t have a seat at the healthcare table?” We bemoan the fact that our standing in the healthcare universe has declined, and are ever fearful that our profession will be replaced by automation and vending machines. Not the most encouraging thing for Pharm D candidates to hear. Well, we believe that it is time that we become the authors of our own destiny, and that all begins with future community pharmacists. The Pharm2Table Virtual Summit seeks to be the catalyst in developing actionable steps by exposing Pharm D candidates to 3 “tables”: Rebranding our profession, pursing next practices and exploring expanded reimbursement models. Join us for the Pharm2Table Virtual Summit 2015, and get ready to claim your chair.

November 19, 2015 at a computer near you.

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The table's our goal, but the sky's the limit

I cannot express how excited I amto have the opportunity to help organize the first virtual Pharm2Table Summit! Very early when we began discussing the concept of this event, we made the conscious decision that we would approach this as a “summit” versus a “conference,” and to focus on Pharm D candidates. We want all of our participants to understand that the purpose of Pharm2Table is not to be a platform for a series of talks. Rather, we hope to foster an ecosystem catalyzing tangible, sustained, and meaningful results. It is not the objective of Pharm2Table 2015 to be just a forum for discussing best practices. We are a collaborative environment to helping create “next practices.” I want to personally thank everyone who has expressed support for this concept, is excited about attending, and most importantly is happily invested in being part our profession’s vibrant future. You truly are the future of vibrant community pharmacy. – Pharmacist Jamie, Summit Chair

From the Summit Chair...

The Dinner Table: Rebranding Pharmacy

ReBranding our profession will be a the heart of Pharm2Table 2015. Branding experts will discuss positioning strategies that will help re-establish community pharmacy as a key component of a healthy community, with a focus on profession brand relevance and sustainability. Presenters TBA.

The Healthcare Table: Next Practices

Pharm2Table will expose attendees to some of the most important best practices in modern community pharmacy, but also conduct vision-casting in the Next Practices that will increase our credibility and importance within the healthcare ecosystem.

Presenter: Jamie Mask, PharmD.


Payers Table: Pharmacy & Healthcare Delivery

We will have a dialogue discussing strategies and tatics to finding a lasting seat at the payers table. The focus of this segment will be exploring expanded reimbursement models, and forecasting what may lie in store given the ever-shifting nature of the national healthcare structure. Presenter TBA.

Working Group Session 1: INVOLVEMENT

Involvement at the Pharm D candidate level. The vision of Pharm2Table is to develop chapters on the college campus, giving future community pharmacists the opportunity to grow programs you can bring to the pharmacy.

Working Group Session 2: RECRUITMENT

Recruitment of community pharmacy preceptors. Community pharmacists need aid from outside sources. Pharm2Table will explore ideas of how to better encourage practicing community pharmacists to become preceptors.

Uber Moderator: Bethany Cooper

Working Group Session 3: INNOVATION

Innovation in our pharmacy profession. This goes back to the overarching idea of ReBranding pharmacy. We will have a free-flowing idea-sharing session designed to help keep our profession thriving and relevant.

Uber Moderator: David Pope

This isn't a conference... it's a Summit.

We’re not discussing “best practices.” Join us in  developing “next practices.”

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Topics that Matter

Rallying the future of our profession and discussing how to reach out to those who need our partnerships – that’s what Pharm2Table is all about. From education to clinical practice to professional sustainability to the way we market and talk about ourselves, this summit focuses on the issues that will be the most critical to elevating community pharmacy to its deserving position in the healthcare ecosystem.

Rebranding Pharmacy

Let’s generate excitement and more importantly engagement surrounding rebranding community pharmacy. And by “rebranding,” we don’t mean a fancy logo and cool color scheme. We’ll talk real world examples of how other professions that have been left as outdated and irrelevant have reinvigorated their position in the marketplace.

Provider Programs that Work

Effective and profitable community pharmacy isn’t inevitable nor is it not achievable. We’ll look at successful models that have been implemented in pharmacies of different sizes with varying patient profiles. We’ll have the opportunity to discuss a customized approach to  ensure your future community pharmacy is maximizing profitability by way of providing premium care.

Engagement after Education

It is a travesty to see a disconnect between the practices Pharm D candidates are learning in school and what goes on in the “real world.” A major focus of Pharm2Table will be to start a dialogue of how we can bring these two worlds in alignment through a engagement strategy to recruit practicing community pharmacists as preceptors. 

Community Pharmacies



Of Medications

$$ Billion Marketplace

Summit Sponsor: Creative Pharmacist

Creative Pharmacist is a clinical pharmacy solution center.  From diabetes education to transitions of care and COPD management, we give community pharmacies the vision along with the right tools, technology, and marketing to take your business to the next level.
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Maris, West & Baker: Public Health Marketing

Maris, West & Baker is a creative idea incubator and branding agency with extensive success in public health communications, rural health outreach, and healthcare marketing.
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Summit Salon Events

Small Groups

Following Pharm2Table 2015 we will help to connect you with our future community pharmacists and provide a knowledge sharing structure we call “small groups.” This will help ensure creative collaboration of next practices for years to come.

Virtual Exhibitor & Networking

Pharm2Table virtual exhibitors are limited to only those leading edge consultancies and program providers who have a clear vision and passion for 21st century pharmacy. We will facilitate follow-up engagement between summit participates and potential future partners in development of customized community pharmacy solutions.

Social Media Consultation

Summit attendees will be able to take advantage of follow-up consultation from social media and other marketing experts during Ph2T salon discovery sessions. You may be surprised to find how social media and marketing can help promote community pharmacy.

Have something to contribute?

Pharm2Table 2015 welcomes your ideas from Pharm D candidates! If you have a particular area of interest, or are interested in having a few minutes to address the summit please don’t hesitate to submit your proposal for a 6-minute talk. Progress comes through creative collaboration!

Summit Organizers

We thank you for your interest in launching the pharmacy profession to the next level, and personally invite you to apply to attend the Pharm2Table Summit 2015.

Jamie Mask • Summit Chair

“Pharmacist Jamie” is an independent pharmacist licensed in Louisiana and Mississippi and a clinical community pharmacist consultant with Creative Pharmacist. Jamie is an outspoken advocate for rebranding the image of the pharmacy profession and repositioning the independent pharmacist’s stature within the healthcare system. @pharmacistjamie

Tim Mask • Outreach

Tim is vice president of Maris, West & Baker Advertising and specializes in brand planning and development. His portfolio includes campaign development and implementation for a wide variety of industry and occupations, including extensive with state-level public health communications projects. @timmask      

Anyssa Garza • Organizer

Anyssa is Director of Life Sciences Library with RxWiki. She continues to build her practice on the fundamental belief that providing patients with medication information and medical knowledge contributes significantly to the quality of care they receive and improves quality of life and health outcomes through medication adherence. @anyssa_garza

We have space for innovative Pharm D candidates. And the summit is virtual, so no excuses! 11.19.2015

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